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Download FileWizard 6 today!

We are now shipping FileWizard 6!

One of the features new to this version is using the information provided by file attributes. 

Here at Knozall we have been busy testing the newest version of FileWizard that will answer the needs of Windows Active Directory, Vista, and many other updates.

We have made significant reduction in the price of FileWizard. 

We believe that you should be able to save enough in reclaimed storage space in about a year to pay for the cost of FileWizard.


Collecting data about files on your personal computer is one of the critical to proactive system management. FileWizard provides local storage management capabilities for all versions of Windows workstations.

To see how FileWizard can save you money in space management, click on the overview link.

FileWizard functional overview

Users can view and report to determine what kind of files are on their computer,  when they were last used, how big they are, and when their computer would run out of space. 



You can also create your own space management strategies and have them run on a scheduled basis to control disk space usage.

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Storage Management Challenges

  • Managing disk space

  • Out of space conditions

  • Backup/archive

  • Predicting space needs

Manage your web site files with FileWizard

  • What files are on the web site?

  • What file types are the top 10 users of space?

  • How much is used by the FTP directory?

  • How much is used by the web?

  • How much is used by email?

Storage Management Costs

  • Disk costs are going down

  • People costs going up.

  • Cost of managing storage has high return

How productive are your computers?
  • Sort usage into custom defined categories

  • Track time in each window. 

  • Reduce your exposures due to "inappropriate" browsing.

Find "Dead" storage space
  • How much space has not been accessed in the last year?

Forecast out of space dates

  • When will you need to buy additional disk space?

Zip long filenames on NetWare servers

  • PKZip compatible, supports long filenames. 

  • Solve  your compression and file transfer time problems on NetWare here. 


Manage File Ownership with FileWizard

  • Do you have "orphaned" files,

  • Looking for data for a charge-back mechanism?


File Attributes (new with version 6)


Last updated 01/10/2012

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