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Collecting data about the network is one of the critical functions of proactive network management. FileWizard provides enterprise storage management capabilities for all versions of Windows servers and workstations, all versions of Novell NetWare networks, UNIX servers running NFS and FTP sites.   Virtually any volume that can be seen by windows Explorer can be managed with FileWizard .

Administrators can view and report to determine what kind of files are on the network, who owns them, when they were last used, how big they are, and when servers would run out of space. The storage data is gathered from local and remote locations throughout the network and collected in a centralized management location where it is analyzed, processed and acted upon. 

This approach eliminates the requirement for qualified people at each site, frees up IT personnel for other critical tasks, lowers management time and the total cost of managing a network. FileWizard gives IT professionals the power to manage growing storage requirements without throwing hardware at the problem.              

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Actions to Manage Space

  • Move
  • Compress and Uncompress
  • Copy
  • Rename
  • Archive
  • e-mail results
  • Delete

Manage your web site files 

  • What files are on the web site?
  • What file types are the top 10 users of space?
  • How much is used by the FTP directory?
  • How much is used by the web?
  • How much is used by email files?

Manage files across volumes

FileWizard Reports and Actions may be done

across all of your network volumes in one report.

Scripted Scheduling

When automating FileWizard events a series of actions and reports can be combined into one schedule.

Forecast Storage Requirements

FileWizard allows administrators to look at

network storage usage to determine past growth rates

and current available storage capacities. 

Chart the historical growth pattern allowing administrators to then calculate future growth rate and capacity requirements. The report projects when storage capacities will be full if no action is taken.

Plan ahead for capital spending on the acquisition of new storage space rather than wait until it is an emergency.

Unlimited User Defined Queries

  • Drive

  • Volume
  • Owner
  • Directory
  • File Extension
  • Access Date
  • Create Date
  • Modify Date
  • File Name
  • File Size
  • Compressed
  • Folder information

Custom File Owner reports

Reporting disk space usage  by a file owner(s) or changing

 the owner of files with FileWizard may be done

 with ease.


Create custom Queries to include or exclude a single file

owner or a group of owners allows Administrators to

quickly manage file ownership on your network.

Graph or Report the Results

Results can be displayed in graphs or reports that can be viewed on screen, saved to a file, or printed. The view can be changed from a graph to a report (or vice versa) on the fly. Multiple queries and results can be viewed at the same time and compared. 

The graphs and reports help pinpoint wasted or reclaimable storage space.

For more information see the spec sheet and manual.

System Requirements:

Windows9x/NT/2K Workstation, Windows NT/2K or NetWare Server, 12 MB RAM,15 MB Disk Space, 386 or higher PC, Mouse, VGA Monitor

Last updated 01/10/2012

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