File Actions

  FileWizard Actions

Knozall has a variety of products to manage storage space and tools to automate tasks in your office and save you time.

FileWizard Actions

FileWizard Network provides the network administrator with actions to manage enterprise storage space.


     Up One Level The action menu allows you to move up the tree a level for viewing.

     Compress This compresses the file.

     Uncompress  Uncompresses a compressed file



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Set File Time 

  This function sets the file Create Date, Access Date, and Modify Date and time to the value you choose.

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Set File Owner

        This changes the file owner to a value you choose.  This is useful when employees are assigned to new projects.

Set File Attributes


        You can change six of the most commonly used file attributes with this tool.

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    This tool will move the file to a location you select and leave a link or shortcut to the file in the original location.

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Restore Access Time


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    The Access Time can be restore from either the Create Time or Modify time with this action.


    This tool will delete the highlighted file(s) just like Windows Exporer


    This tool will rename the file(s).

Scheduled Actions


The scheduled actions are available so that you can create a query, run a scan, and take action on files such as copy, delete, move and link.

In addition, you can run a command, print results, create a logfile or export results as a CSV file.



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