Files not Accessed in a Year


File Aging Information

Industry experts say that files containing about 60% of the server space used have not been accessed in over a year.  How long has it been since your files were accessed?  FileWizard provides the information.





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Figure 1 Bytes Accessed per Year

This volume has 16.4GB that have not been accessed since July 12, 2005, and an additional 10GB that have not been accessed since July 12, 2007.


Modify the query to find files that have not been accessed in the past year is shown in Figure 2.


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Figure 2 Files Not Accessed in Last  Year Query


The listing of files not accessed in the past 12 months is displayed.




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Figure 3 Files by name not accessed in last year

There are 74,416 files that make up this list.  You may wish to reclaim this space by deleting unwanted files, compressing files that are seldom used or moving files to slower, less expensive storage devices.  This may be part of  your long term storage or archival strategy.


Figure 4 shows the actions that can be taken on the files.  These actions can be taken on individual files or groups of files.  Note that the "Link" feature will move the file to a location that you specify and leave a bookmark to allow you to recall the file.


Compress and Delete are always available options.




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Figure 4 Direct Actions Possible



Additional actions are available on a scheduled basis.  These include Copy, Move, and Export as shown in Figure 5.


The scheduled actions are most effective when you have a repetitive action to perform on a daily, weekly or monthly basis.








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Figure 5 Scheduled Actions

FileWizard's analysis and action capabilities provide you with the tools to manage your storage space effectively.

Last updated 01/10/2012

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